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Charles Wood - Author, Documentary Maker, Illustrator, Blogger

30 Documentary Films

Hong Kong filming 1992

·     Nature's Alchemy - Exmoor Films (2009, 45 minutes). Complimenting the discovery of floral remedies by Dr Edward Bach this documentary, filmed in England’s Lake District and in Somerset, is an inspirational and evocative insight into the healing power of flowers and plants. Premiered at Culture Unplugged Film Festival, Colorado, USA.

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.    Drops from Nature – Pow Productions (2009). An inspirational, spiritual, evocative introduction into the healing powers of flowers. Featuring Rebecca Pow MP and broadcaster.


.     Shattered Hopes & Stethoscopes - Exmoor Films (2008, 60 minutes). Documentary about the scandal of 'Modernising Medical Careers' in the NHS, a political move which drastically affected medical postgraduate education and consequently the health of millions of Britons for the decades to come. Premiered in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


·    Tree of Dragons - Exmoor Films (2008, 30 minutes). The final part of the poignant and award winning Journey of the Heart trilogy. The film follows the journey of a Englishman who as a child sought the sanctuary of nature as an escape from the dark silences of his father. After his father's death the son finds a Second World War legacy of paper memories that lead him to India and to the River Kwai with its infamous bridge in Kanchanaburi on the Thai-Burmese border.  

·      Moldovan Thai (Thailandeza Din Moldova- Exmoor Films (2007, 25 minutes). The film follows a Moldovan woman as she travels across Italy and Thailand to discover her inner self. This subtitled film was made for a single showing at Cronograf International Film Festival in Moldova 2007, and excerpts were broadcast across Europe by TVR Internațional, the international channel of Televiziunea Română, Romania's government-funded television network.

·     Water of Tears – Green Man Films (2006) Shot in Moldova and England, a poignant and thought provoking documentary. The film follows the journey of a unique Englishman with a heart transplant who reflects upon his values as a human being whilst discovering new friendships within the warm soul of a fledgling nation in Central Eastern Europe. This film won Premiul Special at Cronograf International Documentary Film Festival 2006. 

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 ·     Pebble & Feather – Red Silk Arts (2004) A film about the spiritual and emotional journey of overcoming the trauma of a heart transplant. Filmed in England, South of France and Egypt. Selected for showing at Cronograf International Documentray Film Festival in Moldova, 2005.

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.    Minehead - A Floral Odyssey (Roothouse, 2001, 20 minutes). An insight into the west country coastal resort of Minehead during the competition 'Britain in Bloom'.

.     Exmoor Heart - A Portrait of Dunster, An English Village - Roothouse (2000, 60 minutes) An evocative insight into peoples lives and history at the turn of the millenium.

.      Yemani Dreams Barnstaple Skies - Roothouse Productions. (2000, 25 minutes). Focuses on a Barnstaple Muslim roadsweeper who dreams of his Islamic homeland and going on the Hajj pilgrimage. Broadcast on ITV.


.     Dragons – The Story of a Country Parson - HTV (1999, 15 minutes). A short documentary, part of HTV series 'Figures in the Landscape', focuses on the inner demons of an Exmoor vicar serving a rural community.


.     Peter Gorton's Seafood Cookery - Halsgrove (1999, 30 minutes). TV chef Peter Gorton highlights seafood cooking secrets on location at sea and in the kitchen of his award-winning restaurant.


.     Peter Gorton's Vegetarian Cookery - Halsgrove (1999, 30 minutes). TV chef Peter Gorton divulges his vegetarian cooking secrets on location in Devon and in the kitchen of his award winning-restaurant.


.     Salisbury & Around - The Spire Kingdom - Halsgrove (1999, 60 minutes). A scenic travelogue of place and customs.

.   Taunton Town & Country - The Gentle Vale (Halsgrove, 1998, 60 minutes). Narrated by Jeremy Curry. A sequel to the highly acclaimed 'Somerset - The Summer Land'. Reveals the vibrant life of the region and its people - hill farmers, withy growers, country fayres and even ferret racing.

.     Wiltshire – The Moonrakers’ Kingdom – Halsgrove (1998, 60 minutes). An evocative travelogue of Wiltshire including its history and industries.

.     Hampshire – The Cradle of England – Halsgrove (1998, 60 minutes). A history of Hampshire. Narrated by Jeremy Curry.

.     Classic England - Halsgrove (1997, 60 minutes). A synergy of image, poetry and classical music evoking the beauty of the English countryside.

. Somerset Through A Bygone Eye - Halsgrove (1997, 60 minutes) In collaboration with the Francis Frith Society this film provides a fabulous insight into Somerset past and present through the lens of Victorian photographer Francis Frith and the contemporary camerawork of Charles Wood. 

.      Westcountry Summer Gardens - Halsgrove (1997, 60 minutes). A travelogue of exceptional and diverse gardens in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

.     Portrait of the Blackdown Hills - Halsgrove (1997, 60 minutes). The wildlife, history and people within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty straddling the Devon / Somerset border. Narrated by Victor Bonham-Carter.

.     Grace and Favour - Halsgrove (1997, 45 minutes). The official film of Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. Presented by Peter West.

.     Dartmoor – Land of the Spirit – Halsgrove (1996, 60 minutes) The official film of Dartmoor National Park Authority this documentary discovers the secret places, the geology, the history and the communities of the moor. Narrated by James Mildren.

.      An Exmoor Country Christmas - Halsgrove Productions (1996, 60 minutes). Filmed throughout December over the New Year and into the first hints of spring, the film captures landscape and wildlife as well as showing the people who live and work on Exmoor and the many ancient traditional festivities. Narrated by Jeremy Curry.

. An Orphan In The Family - Halsgrove Productions (1995, 60 minutes). The story of how TV personality Johnny Kingdom raised an orphaned three-legged red deer hind in his Exmoor back garden.

.     Bats, Pads and Cider – Halsgrove (1995, 45 minutes) The official film of Somerset County Cricket Club. Presented by Vic Marks.

.     The Dartmoor Pony - Quayside Productions (1995, 30 minutes). Evocative equestrian documentary featuring breeders of the hardy Dartmoor Pony. Narrated by TV presenter Sue King.

.     Devon – The Timeless Land – Old House Productions (1994, 60 minutes). Called by critics ‘the definitive film on Devonshire’. Written and narrated by Martin Booth.

.    Somerset – The Summer Land - Old House Productions (1994, 60 minutes). Called by critics a ‘countryside classic’, this stunning travelogue discovers the secrets and wonder of England’s cider country. Written and narrated by Martin Booth.

.     Exmoor – An English Wild Kingdom - Old House Productions (1994, 60 minutes).  Shot throughout the seasons this evocative film still captures Exmoor as no other production has yet come close to portraying. Narrated by Jeremy Curry.

.     The Westcountry Moors – Life and Legend – Old House Productions (1994, 60 minutes). An evocative West Country travelogue of Bodmin Moor, Dartmoor, Exmoor and Sedgemoor. Narrated by Jeremy Curry.

.     Elkie –West Country Life – IMA Video Productions (1993, 60 minutes). A biography of the singer Elkie Brooks filmed in Devon. Music by Elkie Brooks.

.     Carla – Roots and Passions – IMA Video Productions (1993, 60 minutes). A biography of television comedy writer and animal rights activist Carla Lane OBE. Filmed in London, Liverpool and upon the Welsh island of Saint Tudwal’s East. Music by Linda McCartney.

.    Escape From Sham Shui Po - Old House Productions (1992, 30 minutes). WW2 story that follows the dramatic and ultimately successful escape of three British POWs from the notorious Japanese POW camp Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong. Written by Martin Booth.

Some Miscellaneous Work

.   Ajit's Elephants - Exmoor Films (2009, 25 minutes). A NHS surgeon returning to his home in India reunites with his family to attend an elephant festival dedicated to the god Shiva.

. Mint and Mustard Indian Cookery - Frisky Hare (2014, 10 minutes). Secrets of award-winning contemporary Indian cuisine at 'Mint and Mustard' restaurant, Cardiff, UK.

.   Exmoor 30:30 Challenge - Exmoor Films (2013, 10 minutes). An annual race across Exmoor raising funds for the Royal British Legion, a British charity providing financial, social and emotional support to members and veterans of the British Armed Forces, their families and dependants.

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How To Survive In Staffordshire, published 2016.

Bats and Belters - A light-hearted novel about village cricket. Published 2014.

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Another Somerset Century The book that's found its way into the Lord's library earns three 5-star Amazon reviews: 'A very good read, by a brilliant author. The best of the SCCC books that have come out for a while.'  18/11/13. 'Tackles all the the recent stories from numerous runner's up finishes to major ground and personnel changes.' 12/12/13. An enjoyable read for a Somerset supporter or fan of cricket. The sort of book one can pick up, read a bit, and return to with ease.' 20/12/13.

Bats Pads & Gladiators - A Miscellany of Gloucestershire Cricket earns a 5-Star Amazon review.

My documentary film Nature's Alchemy was selected for participation in the Culture Unplugged online festival Spirit Enlightened 2014.

Digital Album of Fairy Tales

Tales From The Green Man's Daughter - Digital Album released August 2012.


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