Charles Wood - Author, Documentary Maker, Illustrator, Blogger
Charles Wood - Author, Documentary Maker, Illustrator, Blogger

Published Books & Spin Offs


Exmoor Fun | published by Westcountry Books


Twenty Sentries of Bristle | published by Westcountry Books


How To Survive In Somerset | published by Halsgrove

Surviving Another Somerset Year | published by Halsgrove

Exmoor Amour | published by Halsgrove


Charles Wood's Somerset Quiz Book | published by Halsgrove


Charles Wood's Second Somerset Quiz Book | published by Halsgrove

Bats Pads and Cider - A Miscellany Of Somerset Cricket | published by Halsgrove


Bats Pads and Gladiators - A Miscellany of Gloucestershire Cricket | published by Halsgrove


Another Somerset Century | published by Halsgrove


Bats and Belters - a novel | published by Halsgrove


How To Survive In Staffordshire | published by Halsgrove

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Short Stories

Tales From The Green Man's Daughter | published by Red Silk Arts (also available on CD and download)


A series of fairy tales set in the Exmoor countryside.


Come. Listen to the stories

that live as spirits in the trees

and in the rocks and stones,

puddles and streams.

Come. Listen. Open your ears.

Digital Album

Tales From The Green Man's Daughter

Images by Rebecca Ogle

An enchanting worlde where olde mischief dwells.. 

Originally written and composed in 2005. This is a special download edition containing bonus tracks and album only artwork. 

Stories © Charles Wood 2005 
Music © Dizzy Banjo Studios 2005 
Images © Rebecca Ogle 2005


Released 02 May 2005 
Tales by Charles Wood 
Read by Lois Harbinson 
Music by Robert Thomas 

Short Fantasy Film

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The Chime-Child of Wiveliscombe - Exmoor Films (2004). A fairy tale of witches and magic set on the Blackdown Hills and in the Somerset town of Wiveliscombe adapted from 'Tales From The Green Man's Daughter' short stories.

 © 2017 Charles Wood


How To Survive In Staffordshire, published 2016.

Bats and Belters - A light-hearted novel about village cricket. Published 2014.

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Another Somerset Century The book that's found its way into the Lord's library earns three 5-star Amazon reviews: 'A very good read, by a brilliant author. The best of the SCCC books that have come out for a while.'  18/11/13. 'Tackles all the the recent stories from numerous runner's up finishes to major ground and personnel changes.' 12/12/13. An enjoyable read for a Somerset supporter or fan of cricket. The sort of book one can pick up, read a bit, and return to with ease.' 20/12/13.

Bats Pads & Gladiators - A Miscellany of Gloucestershire Cricket earns a 5-Star Amazon review.

My documentary film Nature's Alchemy was selected for participation in the Culture Unplugged online festival Spirit Enlightened 2014.

Digital Album of Fairy Tales

Tales From The Green Man's Daughter - Digital Album released August 2012.


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Bats Pads and Cider


How To Survive In Somerset


Surviving Another Somerset Year


Exmoor Amour

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